Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For!

Rawbie Boardz Show - EP4 from Ken Regehr on Vimeo.

Rawbie has finally completed episode 4 of his awesome polo pod cast! Better yet, he has a new and improved intro that I freaking adore. Well done Rawbie and Ken!
In this episode it features the winner of the Wheel cover video contest we started a few months back. And you guessed it... Mr. Do! Once again, pwning the whole polo world with his mad video skillz.

Rawbie, it truly was a pleasure drawing these up for you and FatCat. Now you and FatCat can take to the courts, and slay all those who dare play you on your new "World's First Official Polo Court"!
I am sending Rawbie some more decals of his logo, so maybe you can sweet talk him into sending you some. But first, please donate to the "Get Rawbie some Ghaddam Teeth" fund, or just send him some love and condolences for FatCat.

Here is the director's cut to Mr. Do's wheel cover video!

The Do Review: Wheel Covers from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Congrats man. Now back off so someone else can get some free wheel covers!

Here are our runners up: Medic Mike & Shannon!

Thanks guys for your time, effort and creativity! Stay tooned for the next random thing I come up with to give away more free shit.

R.I.P. FatCat

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