Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Polo Service Announcement

Sveden needs wheel covers

There are still a lot of you out there that play without covers. Either, you can't handle the wind, or you ride to the court and the drag just sucks. But seriously, get some wheel covers, they work. Suck it up if it is too windy. You will become a better player because of it.
At Ladies Army III, Jasmine got her foot caught in someone's wheel, and it tore the shit out of it. They had to remove the wheel just to free her foot. Wheel covers people. Save the spokes, save the wheel, save the goal, save the limbs.

There are a ton of options out there now. The cloth Burro Bag cover that can be slapped on and off in a jiffy, or the new indestructible HDPE covers by Fixcraft means you can drill a bunch of 2" holes throughout it to let that God awful wind through.
Even good ol' cheap ass coroplast can have 2-3" wind holes cut out. With a simple slice on one side of the cover, you can even fold it in half for easy transport.

So quit the excuses, unless you like truing your wheel all the time, letting balls slip through your spokes, or gettin' some blood on your hubs. GET SOME WHEEL COVERS!

This has been a Polo Service Announcement


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