Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Quick Update

Hey everyone! So sorry for the absence, been busy taking care of the North American championships, Hawaii's tournament (which from Mike Shriver's photos, was a huge success!) and recently getting covers ready for Worlds! I even received orders from Tokyo to Australia! The MPLS club recently loaded up with a ton of sweet covers which you will get to see at Worlds. St. Pete's "Septembeard" tournament is also nabbin' a few covers for prizes.

Giving you all a heads up, I will be attending Worlds! Just for Saturday and Sunday, not going to play but I will be there to watch and mingle. So please, introduce yourself, and if you have any questions or comments let me know! I would love to hear from you guys.

Once World's is over, I will be doing another photo dump of all of the Jinxy cover sightings all the way back from Portland. Before I forget, if you received a Calgary wheel cover, I would love to get some photos if you are using it on your bike.

Another reminder/heads up to all yous, I also print decals, and lately those seem to be the most popular order. 100 2.5" stickers for $35 aint too shabby. 2.5" might seem a little small, but trust me, these are the perfect size for helmets and bikes. If you are going to Worlds, keep you eyes open for my limited run of 100 and if you are playing, you will be getting either a 1, 2 or 3 on your helmet.

So for the time being, check out these great videos. Northern Standard has a very important update on their product, so take a look. If you haven't already seen it, Rawbie has a new video from their polo retreat up north, and Mr. Do posted up some home movies of his trip to Ladies Army.

Northern Standard Update on Vimeo.

Rawbie Boardz - EP7 - Pender Bender from Ken Regehr on Vimeo.

Home Movies: Thursday LA3 from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

See ya at Worlds!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Do It For The Luvz

Just 13 days left until NAs. Submitted the final orders of wheel covers yesterday, so if you wanted some custom stuff done for NAs, you missed the boat. But it ain't too late for Worlds!

I wanted to give a huge thank you to Sacramento for their recent order of covers. Tournaments sometimes put a decent sized dent in my wallet, and it's hard to donate even a few covers. But for NAs I knew I couldn't skimp out on some sweet shwag for the best players in North America. 16 covers and 200 stickers will be on their way to Calgary. Not only am I sponsoring NAs, but Hawaii's first bike polo tournament! So Sacramento contacted me and ordered 20 wheel covers! Helping cover the cost of my sponsored goodies. My good friends in MPLS nabbed a few as well. So all in all, all I have to dish out of my pocket, is the shipping costs.  It's a lot of work, and I really don't do it for the cash. It's really you guys that make it possible for people to get such sweet prizes in tournaments

So again, a huge thank you to everyone who has ever bought a custom wheel cover. :D Boy, do I love the poloverse.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vegas, Baby

Las Vegas Bike Polo is one of the leagues newer groups. Recently, they attended Polomania in Sacramento, and boy, did they have some crazy fun. Vegas kids sure know how to party.

Since their first(?) far away tournament attendance, they now have the Tourney Bug. Yes it is contagious, and the only cure for it, is 6 months of planning, sponsor gathering and booze hording. Vegas is now in the works of planning their very own tournament. So for all of you snow birds, keep a look out for a winter tournament in the greatest city in the world.

Vegas cats sure do have some style too. Check out what they rolled in on for Polomania!

Those are poker chips wheel covers. How perfect!
Stylish and simple 
I can't wait for a better excuse to hit Vegas up. They plan on scheduling around InterBike so there won't be any conflict. I think once World's is all over with and everyone is trapped indoors because of 6 feet of snow, Vegas will be there to warm us up, get us plastered and show us a really great time, all of which will of course, stay in Vegas.

Speaking of Polomania, my wheel covers finally arrived Monday morning and will be dished out accordingly to Joe. So those of you who won, or purchased covers, gimme pics! I really wish I was there, and I hope sooner than next year's Polomania, will I be able to visit ya'll in Sac. There is a huge thank you coming your way. To everyone else, just keep your eyes open at NA or Worlds.

More pics from Polomania, by Ashley


Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Shit You Say?

The Los Angeles Bike Polo club has entered in a contest presented by Farmer John. We have a chance, with enough votes, to be posted up on billboards along with the other unique local sports throughout Los Angeles. If we hit 300 votes, then we will be entered in a grand prize drawing to win some other pretty nifty schwag.

Okay, okay, you want to hear about the free shit. I understand.
If you click this link right here and then "like" you can then vote for us! If you screen cap your vote, and email it to along with your mailing address, I will send you a handful of my very own "Give Blood Play Polo" stickers. It ain't much, but hey, clicking a few times ain't much either.

Do you really wanna help support bike polo? Do you love us enough to vote a second time? Well you can! You can text TEAM79 to 80800

We are a little more than 30 votes away from getting the billboard. That's all I really care to get, I figure, our image staring at people on the 405 freeway while they are trapped in traffic, is the best way to really promote our oh so awesome sport. So get to it kids, and remember to share the link on your fb wall.

Here is another great idea from the mind of Jinxy... if you can refer 20 votes, and have your friends send me a screen cap with your name on it, you will get a free wheel cover with the design of your choice. Sound like a good challenge? Let's see it happen!

Thanks again so much to those who have voted, and to those who are going to!



Ace rockin one of my original 1st generation Claremont covers, repping his home town.
I see these things have been put to good use! Jinxy saving spokes yet again!
Ladies Army goin' places!
Spotted at the Burlington Tournament (posted on Culture Cycles Blog / Photos by -B)
Even in Sacramento my work was spotted at the Polomania tournament! (Photo by Mikey Dwitt)
Mike Schriver's personalized wheel cover featuring his beautiful shot of a hummingbird

If you have spotted my wheel covers in other tournaments, make sure to snap a pic! Always fun to see my covers in action!

Remember kids, a little more than a week left to get your orders in for NAs! Rep your team right!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Less than a Month

Get your wheel covers now!!
Less than a month away until the North American Championships which will be held in Calgary!
This means, you have less than a month to order you and your teams wheel covers! Although they aren't mandatory, don't you want to shine and really show off your colors and spirit in the millions of photos that will be taken during that weekend?

Special for people attending NAs, wheel covers are only $20 each and if you get 4 or more, then they go down to $15! Confirm that you are registered and attending. Also shipping will go down to $5 if they are going to be sent to Canada, $10-15 if you want these ahead of time.

I will be taking orders until July 20th to make sure I have everything printed and then shipped. Due to Canada's postal strike, I have to send these out to Seattle or to someone willing to lug these across the border for me.

So email me quick, even if you just have a few questions. Hope to hear from you soon!



Hey all!
It's been a crazy few weeks, scrambling to get things ready for the Polomania tournament in Sacramento. The covers are on their way! But, I am not... I really do like going to tournaments that I sponsor, but shit happens and I will have to see the weekend through digital photos yet again.
The batch of covers I sent up (over 20 of them) were all directly printed! Due to my haste to get them packed up last minute and hoping to the powers that be that it will get there in time, I didn't get a chance to photograph any of them! So, unlike the PDX qualifier, I hope I get some photos to share with you all.

I do have one photo though, and it is from a recent order I did for a USC based University apartment building. They ordered 32 covers to fit on 8 beach cruisers to help advertise that they are now leasing. These look great! With this order, I had to find a drill and pair up each wheel to make clean even zip tie holes. I didn't want them to do any extra work, just slap 'em on and ride. Looks like everything worked out!

Gateway University promotional wheel covers

So if you have a business that you want to advertise, this is a great unique way to do so! Thanks again to Gateway University Apartments for choosing me to be involved in their project!

Oh! I finally was able to set up a Google Checkout Merchant account to make things way easier. Like I had said before, Paypal is the devil and messed quite a few things up. Since Google will be taking over the world soon, I figure, might as well sign up to get that out of the way.

 I hope to be a little bit more current  with my posts and photos, so please stay tooned and see the awesome covers to made up special for the Polomania Tournament!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good News Everyone!

Jinxy got herself a paypal! No longer the pain in the ass postal  money order forms of payment! I am now one of you.
You can send payments or donations (nudge nudge wink wink) to

Nevermind, paypal is the devil. long story short, i'm going to set up an Amazon account

On another note, I have been trying to post up some pics from the PDX qualifier, and some other goodies, but blogspot is being all "freezy" and what not.

I will keep trying to get this thing to work to show off these covers in action. So stay tooned! And watch this new episode from Rawbie Boardz with Tall George as the special guest!

Rawbie Boardz Show - EP5 from Ken Regehr on Vimeo.

Till next time!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For!

Rawbie Boardz Show - EP4 from Ken Regehr on Vimeo.

Rawbie has finally completed episode 4 of his awesome polo pod cast! Better yet, he has a new and improved intro that I freaking adore. Well done Rawbie and Ken!
In this episode it features the winner of the Wheel cover video contest we started a few months back. And you guessed it... Mr. Do! Once again, pwning the whole polo world with his mad video skillz.

Rawbie, it truly was a pleasure drawing these up for you and FatCat. Now you and FatCat can take to the courts, and slay all those who dare play you on your new "World's First Official Polo Court"!
I am sending Rawbie some more decals of his logo, so maybe you can sweet talk him into sending you some. But first, please donate to the "Get Rawbie some Ghaddam Teeth" fund, or just send him some love and condolences for FatCat.

Here is the director's cut to Mr. Do's wheel cover video!

The Do Review: Wheel Covers from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Congrats man. Now back off so someone else can get some free wheel covers!

Here are our runners up: Medic Mike & Shannon!

Thanks guys for your time, effort and creativity! Stay tooned for the next random thing I come up with to give away more free shit.

R.I.P. FatCat

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Polo Service Announcement

Sveden needs wheel covers

There are still a lot of you out there that play without covers. Either, you can't handle the wind, or you ride to the court and the drag just sucks. But seriously, get some wheel covers, they work. Suck it up if it is too windy. You will become a better player because of it.
At Ladies Army III, Jasmine got her foot caught in someone's wheel, and it tore the shit out of it. They had to remove the wheel just to free her foot. Wheel covers people. Save the spokes, save the wheel, save the goal, save the limbs.

There are a ton of options out there now. The cloth Burro Bag cover that can be slapped on and off in a jiffy, or the new indestructible HDPE covers by Fixcraft means you can drill a bunch of 2" holes throughout it to let that God awful wind through.
Even good ol' cheap ass coroplast can have 2-3" wind holes cut out. With a simple slice on one side of the cover, you can even fold it in half for easy transport.

So quit the excuses, unless you like truing your wheel all the time, letting balls slip through your spokes, or gettin' some blood on your hubs. GET SOME WHEEL COVERS!

This has been a Polo Service Announcement


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ladies Army III Austin

Sure a little late on getting you all the fun news on the latest Ladies Army, but hey, I was waiting for photos.
Over 3 days of hangin out with some of the greatest ladies of polo, is something I don't think I will ever forget. Well, the parts I can remember anyways, thanks to Lone Star Beer. :D
This tournament was one of the biggest orders of wheel covers I have had yet. 13 Ladies Army Covers, 4 "Ignore Alien Orders", 2 very beautiful custom Ladies Army covers for Mo, and of course the "Ladies Love Mr. Do" cover as a big 'ol thank you for him taking the time to come all the way to Austin and filming the games.
There is so much to say, and I think it all has been said here at the Ladies Army Thread
Austin, Mo, Jaz, Meg and all the ladies who attended. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to play with ya'll again soon!

And now for some more photos

Quinn with her LA cover

Kat's Bike reppin MPLS polo

Ignore Alien Orders for Lisa, Machine and Tall George

MVP Elise

Jaz modeling the prize covers

Mo with her beautiful custom Ladies Army Covers

Team Baby Birds covers fresh off the press

The best moment of the entire weekend. Quinn, from Baby Birds, wins a brand new
Fleet Velo Joust!

More photos of the Ladies Army can be found here
Lisa's flickr
Medic Mike's flickr
Kat's flickr
Bob Smith's Amazing photos /

Also, stay tooned with Mr. Do! he's been uploading full game videos.

Until next time

Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Austin With Love

I just finished cutting out 40 wheel covers by hand. Boxed up about 20 of those to be shipped to Austin. 10 of those will be part of the Ladies Army sponsor package. 300 (200 for LA) decals are chopped and ready. I have another set of decals I am currently working on. I can finally breathe a little. Now all I have to worry about is my game skillz.

The decals look great, and are easy to do. So if you have a tournament, and want a set of 100 stickers, full color, contour cut, sweet laminate, and your custom design, I can do them for $50
If you remember from the EHBPCs, they had (1) (2) (3) stickers made for the player's helmets. So keep that in mind when you are planning your next tournament!

Alright, time for me to collapse. Headin' up to San Francisco tomorrow for a last minute mini tournament!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So sorry for the absence! All at once, I started getting emails from everyone putting in their orders for wheel covers! So today, finally, after 3 weeks of back and forth with a million people, the print order has been submitted! 40 wheel covers(20 of which will be donated as prizes) and 300 decals!
Even in the middle of all of this, I received an email from someone in New York wanting some wheel covers for his dahon mu p8.

He doesn't play polo, but want's something to really make this whip pop! Can't wait to see the photos!

I have a few covers on order for the PDX Young Retiree's Tourney that is happening at the end of May. I have stopped taking orders for Ladies Army, because once I have everything printed and then the rounds cut, I have to ship everything ahead to Austin. For the PDX tournament I can take orders for those until mid May. Those will be delivered straight to PDX, so all money orders need to be made ahead of time.

On a quick note, a huge thank you to all of the people in the Poloverse that made it possible for Mr. Do to travel to Austin in a few weeks! You all just made that weekend even more perfect!
Stay tooned for the very special top secret cover and stickers I have made for his special appearance!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Send Mr. Do to Austin!

In my last post I shared the promo video for the Ladies Army filmed by our own Mr. Do, from MPLS. Turns out, the ladies want him, and want him bad. So MidwestMeg has decided to start a fundraiser to send Mr. Do to Austin so he can cover the talented ladies competing in this year's tournament.

If you would like to contribute to getting Mr. Do out of MPLS for the weekend to return home with footage of girl on girl action, you can donate some green to Meg's paypal ( so she can get his ticket.

And after you dig in your pockets, check out Mr. Do's Vimeo page. He's got a lot of new stuff up!


Monday, April 4, 2011


In 31 days, my happy ass will be in Austin, Texas for the 3rd annual Ladies Army tournament. Already 18 teams are registered, and the doors aren't closed yet. This will be the first 2 day tournament, with the usual swiss rounds and double elimination. While Mr. Do was in Little Rock for the South Central qualifier, he captured the images that confirm the rumors of how bad ass these ladies are, and how they took the tournament by storm.
Without further a-Do, here is a wonderful promo for the Ladies Army happening this May.

Ladies Army Promo from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

And since I will be attending the Ladies Army, a reminder if I may; I will be sponsoring a handful of covers for the winner's circle. And for the first time, putting extra LA covers up for sale while all proceeds go to the Austin club. So if you want to purchase a cover, please email me and put in your order. I have to ship these out ahead of time.

Keep swingin' those mallets, ladies. See you in Texas!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Custom Head Badges by BlindSight

Not enough people know about these, and all people in the poloverse should.
Beautifully crafted acid etched brass badges are the perfect way to show your love and loyalty to your club.
Wheel covers are temporary, these are like a tattoo that will never leave your trusty steed. BlindSight on the League of Bike Polo is the creator of these masterfully crafted pieces. Jewelers have quoted these from $50 - 75 but he so graciously makes these for around half that ranging from $20-30 (depending on difficulty and cut)
Here are a few examples of his work

So be sure to drop BlindSight a line and show some love for our fellow artist and poloist.


Rawbie is on the Move

Rawbie's wheel covers arrived in Seattle yesterday, and now they are in the hands of Medic Mike, who has the privilege of smuggling them across the border to East Vancouver. Stay tooned for the next episode of the Rawbie Boardz Show for the announcement of the winners of the wheel covers! There will also be a nice little mention of the winner of the Best Poster of 2010, Matt Bowen.

I have also been looking into a ecommerce type of website to make purchasing a little easier. Stay tooned for that

Til next time

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Think the Radiation Reached Hawaii

Hawaii Bike Polo Blog
Because these cats are freakin' insane!

Apparently, Hawaii got some crazy idea and is going to attempt a game of Bike Dodge Ball. Like the poster says, "If You Can Dodge Traffic, You Can Dodge Ball!" What else would you blame this harebrained scheme? Either the radiation finally got to them, or lots of alcohol. I can hear Jamie Foxx now...
Nonetheless, some of the best poster art I have seen in a while! Great job Eilif!
Play safe out there kids! I want to play polo in Hawaii one day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Rawbie To Go!

Submitted the Rawbie Boardz Show wheel covers to print last week Monday, then picked them up on Friday.
Today, I cut them up and then this evening they will be on their merry way to East Van and into Rawbie's garage, where he will do who knows what to them. :D

Until the official unveiling of the covers (Ken threw in a quick screen cap of the unfinished design, in last weeks episode) here are a few little teasers of the official Rawbie Boardz Show covers.

I do apologize for the horrible cell phone photo quality. If you look closely you can see the direct digital print method used in making these wheel covers. The ink doesn't wipe off, I know this because I licked it. If you are worried about that happening or want to prevent any fine scratches, hitting it with a matte spray will help provide a little more protection. Stay tooned for the next Rawbie episode where the winner of the Totally Awesome Wheel Cover Video is announced!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Look Across the Pacific

I am very happy to see that our Tokyo friends are doing alright and still have a place to play, even with the power outages keeping them away from their evening practices. 10 days after the quake, they get together for the first time for a game and a birthday celebration.
You can read more and see the photos at the Tokyo blog

Here is a link (by translator / sorry for the horrible translations) to the Chiba Bike Polo club.
Let me give you a little run down of what I got from their blog article, and share with you their photos of the aftermath.

A few miles to the east of Tokyo, is a little bayside town called Chiba. Closer to the water, and of course, to the epicenter of the 9.0 quake. The photos of the liquefied ground where they used to play polo are just incredible.
Makuhari seaside park
The spot where they play motorcycle polo on the beach
Also Makuhari seaside park

Here is a neat little video illustrating liquefaction.

There is still a lot of work to be done, and a lot of support to give.
Tokyo, stay strong and good luck.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Rawbie Update and More

 Rawbie and I have allowed a few more days for late entries for the Wheel Cover video contest. So no later than Wednesday will they be accepted. In other Rawbie related news, the winner will be announced in not this weeks episode, but next weeks. Why? Because I wanted to make the wheel covers absolutely perfect before their web debut. Today will be the day that they will be sent to the printers! Sometime next week they will be on their merry way off to Seattle to be smuggled across the border into the hands of Mr. Rawbie Boardz. Also in next week, you will get to see the final product of the East Van Crown covers, the winner of The Best Poster of 2010

Until then, here are a few other bundles of covers that I have done for previous tournaments that I have attended.

My first major set was for the LA Labor Day Polo-Q, which was only 8 covers or so.

Turns out, the most popular thing to put on your bike is your beverage of choice. This weekend also included a very special cover for one of So Cals youngest players, "Boogie Monster"

Once the summer fun was over, and things began to slow down, I started working on the Arizona poster for their Desert Polo Invite tournament which catered to almost 100 people from all over the US. The Denver Mallet Mafia, Edmonton Polo Club and some personalized pieces rounded out this set.

I really do enjoy seeing what people come up with. Some make me laugh, shrug or go "why didn't I think of that?!"

Well, that's enough for now. I can only squeeze these entries out on my lunch breaks or between customers.
Till next time!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Worlds Greatest Bicycle Wheel

The Cyclotrope from tim Wheatley on Vimeo.

From the brilliant mind of Tim Wheatley. He is currently a student at the University College Falmouth in Cornwall. This is a wonderful take of a Zoetrope, a very old school way of animating 18 frames of illustrations.
Although it looks like stop animation (or claymation, one frame at a time) this is indeed filmed in real time as he spins the wheel on its hub.

This project has definitely got creative my bits tingly. Well done Tim!

Be sure to check out the rest of his films at


Monday, March 7, 2011

1,000 Thank Yous

1,000 thank yous and almost 1,000 page views. sure about 100 of them are from my checking in and working on my blog, but either way, you wonderful people actually kind of want to hear what I have to say and share :)
Even though there are a growing number of polo blogs out there, I try to make mine a little different. While others are posting about tournament stats, or new bad ass polo bikes (you know, important polo stuff) I like to focus on the more creative side of the poloverse. Not just wheel covers, but the artsy side of polo. So if you would like to share your art work, on or off of the wheel cover, please, send me a link.

And now a quick update on the Rawbie Boardz contest:
We have been getting in a few entries! And so far they look great! I know this contest is going to be pretty tough to judge! And remember kids, the video can be of anything involving wheel covers, or why you desperately need a set. Or, how much you love Rawbie. Deadline is March 17th! (that's easy to remember, although you might be too drunk to remember.) Either way, get on those videos and send them in!

The Ladies Army is going to coming up very soon! May 7th - 8th.
Tina Medley made this awesome poster for the tournament. I will be making my usual Winner's Circle covers along with little full color decals to be handed out. This time I will be doing something a little different. Whenever I make the Winner's circle covers, those are 100% donated. And there are a very small limited amount of covers available. This time, I will have these tournament covers available for sale, BUT the proceeds go directly to the Austin Polo Club. If you would like to order a special limited edition run of the 3rd Annual Ladies Army Tournament cover, email me so I can get the print order in. Covers go for $20.
Ladies Army 3 on LoBP

See you in Texas!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Time

Well, there were a few practice runs before for my own bike, but this was the first cover for someone.
It was a surprise for Joker. I happened to carry a green that matched his bike perfectly! I already had the Bicycle Deck "Joker" vectorized, so a few little tweeks here or there completely personalized it. I changed the US on his chest to the Dodger's LA and the 808 on the rock (which actually means the size of the deck of cards) to 818.

Joker never really played with wheel covers before, but once I gave him these, it was either going on his wall, or on his bike. I'm really happy with his decision.

If you are the type of player that really digs a good bike check, check out
Mikey Wally's blog
Mikey's a great photographer too that loves the bike world and has snapped a few of us L.A. cats rollin on the courts.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rawbie and Jinxy's Wheel Cover Video Contest

So just like the flyer says, send in a video telling us about all the awesome things about wheel covers and you can win 3 wheel covers with your club's logo and 2 special limited edition Rawbie Boardz Show wheel covers!
It can be anything really, if you use them outside of polo, if they have magical powers, if they fight crime, or if you want to show off some mad skills. Or, why you really really really need a set of covers!
The winner will be announced on The Rawbie Boardz Show and their video will be played. So make it interesting. The drunker, the better :D Please keep your video to 30-45 seconds unless it is well worth the extra time. You can email your YouTube for Vimeo link to or
Entries will be accepted until March 17th at midnight. So get to it kiddoes. Hurray for Free Shit!

Until then, watch the first episode of The Rawbie Boardz Show

The Rawbie Boardz Show - episode 1 from Ken Regehr on Vimeo.

Or keep up to date with Rawbie Boardz' crazy ass at The League of Bike Polo Rawbie Thread

Have fun, and good luck!

Monday, February 21, 2011

From the Drawing Board

I always have a lot of fun designing wheel covers, especially when they are from scratch. Sure I can grab a photo from the internet, and throw some text on there and viola, you got your self a cover. But the ones that I have to use a pencil and paper on, mean the most to me. Sure there are a few more steps, scanning, importing, redrawing with vectors and then finally prepping it to be cut out on vinyl. But that's all part of the process. For the larger orders, I do like the fact that I can now do a direct digital full color print, so that way no one is limited on what they want on their cover.
When I see neat designs, I find it kind of cool to see the original sketches of the idea, and then the build up to the final product.
Here are a few covers that I did from scratch.

For Maverick / Based off of the Toki Doki characters.

From the AZ Desert Polo Invite. The one on the right was for the stickers.

Joey CA's kid goes by 'Boogie Monster' I don't know how else I could have illustrated it. :D But that's what the Boogie wanted! I really dig how this one turned out.

This one is for NOD from AZ. All he said was that he wanted something with the Grim Reaper. This one was a lot of fun to make.

Ideas have to start off somewhere. So even if you have some scribbles on a napkin, send them over. We can make it work!


Friday, February 18, 2011

The Germans Do it Better

From Leica cameras to Mercedes Benz, the Germans always had a knack of deconstructing something and making it better, and sexier.

My 3 semesters of German in college, is useless to me now, and I don't quite understand most of the text in the video.
Some of the covers look like corroplast, but the "impact testing" makes it seem like they are building either polycarbonate or CARBON FIBER! wheel covers.

You can watch here in the video on how they are made and tested

I still have no idea what these cost, or even how they are installed, but if you can read/speak Deutsch check out their site here
Subtil-Bikes Wheel Covers

Gute Arbeit und gutes Gl├╝ck!
Remember, if your budget can't cover a Benz wheel cover, drop me a line.

Sean over at 321-Polo! spotted my entry and decided to do a little more investigating on this particular product. This is what he found out:

About the Wheelcovers, right now we only offer one size version. The
covers have a size of 650mm, a hight of 30mm, this gives them an angle
of about 5,25°. So they mostly fit to every front wheel. You can cut
them by your-self to the right size, to fit to the wheel.
About the mounting, there are different versions:
Some people use cable straps, some use hook-and-loop tape, or some
special modified front hub.
We can offer our own special mounting system, where you can mount them
directly to the spokes.
And normally to install our own mounting system we need the wheel, cut
the cover for you, and mount it.

There are different versions.
Basic version is made of glass fiber and cost about 89€ the pair without
The color version costs about 139€
Carbon version about 169€

Thanks again Sean for checkin into this further. So if you guys got the cash and want the sexiest cover on the block, check out Subtil-Bikes!