Friday, July 22, 2011

I Do It For The Luvz

Just 13 days left until NAs. Submitted the final orders of wheel covers yesterday, so if you wanted some custom stuff done for NAs, you missed the boat. But it ain't too late for Worlds!

I wanted to give a huge thank you to Sacramento for their recent order of covers. Tournaments sometimes put a decent sized dent in my wallet, and it's hard to donate even a few covers. But for NAs I knew I couldn't skimp out on some sweet shwag for the best players in North America. 16 covers and 200 stickers will be on their way to Calgary. Not only am I sponsoring NAs, but Hawaii's first bike polo tournament! So Sacramento contacted me and ordered 20 wheel covers! Helping cover the cost of my sponsored goodies. My good friends in MPLS nabbed a few as well. So all in all, all I have to dish out of my pocket, is the shipping costs.  It's a lot of work, and I really don't do it for the cash. It's really you guys that make it possible for people to get such sweet prizes in tournaments

So again, a huge thank you to everyone who has ever bought a custom wheel cover. :D Boy, do I love the poloverse.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vegas, Baby

Las Vegas Bike Polo is one of the leagues newer groups. Recently, they attended Polomania in Sacramento, and boy, did they have some crazy fun. Vegas kids sure know how to party.

Since their first(?) far away tournament attendance, they now have the Tourney Bug. Yes it is contagious, and the only cure for it, is 6 months of planning, sponsor gathering and booze hording. Vegas is now in the works of planning their very own tournament. So for all of you snow birds, keep a look out for a winter tournament in the greatest city in the world.

Vegas cats sure do have some style too. Check out what they rolled in on for Polomania!

Those are poker chips wheel covers. How perfect!
Stylish and simple 
I can't wait for a better excuse to hit Vegas up. They plan on scheduling around InterBike so there won't be any conflict. I think once World's is all over with and everyone is trapped indoors because of 6 feet of snow, Vegas will be there to warm us up, get us plastered and show us a really great time, all of which will of course, stay in Vegas.

Speaking of Polomania, my wheel covers finally arrived Monday morning and will be dished out accordingly to Joe. So those of you who won, or purchased covers, gimme pics! I really wish I was there, and I hope sooner than next year's Polomania, will I be able to visit ya'll in Sac. There is a huge thank you coming your way. To everyone else, just keep your eyes open at NA or Worlds.

More pics from Polomania, by Ashley


Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Shit You Say?

The Los Angeles Bike Polo club has entered in a contest presented by Farmer John. We have a chance, with enough votes, to be posted up on billboards along with the other unique local sports throughout Los Angeles. If we hit 300 votes, then we will be entered in a grand prize drawing to win some other pretty nifty schwag.

Okay, okay, you want to hear about the free shit. I understand.
If you click this link right here and then "like" you can then vote for us! If you screen cap your vote, and email it to along with your mailing address, I will send you a handful of my very own "Give Blood Play Polo" stickers. It ain't much, but hey, clicking a few times ain't much either.

Do you really wanna help support bike polo? Do you love us enough to vote a second time? Well you can! You can text TEAM79 to 80800

We are a little more than 30 votes away from getting the billboard. That's all I really care to get, I figure, our image staring at people on the 405 freeway while they are trapped in traffic, is the best way to really promote our oh so awesome sport. So get to it kids, and remember to share the link on your fb wall.

Here is another great idea from the mind of Jinxy... if you can refer 20 votes, and have your friends send me a screen cap with your name on it, you will get a free wheel cover with the design of your choice. Sound like a good challenge? Let's see it happen!

Thanks again so much to those who have voted, and to those who are going to!



Ace rockin one of my original 1st generation Claremont covers, repping his home town.
I see these things have been put to good use! Jinxy saving spokes yet again!
Ladies Army goin' places!
Spotted at the Burlington Tournament (posted on Culture Cycles Blog / Photos by -B)
Even in Sacramento my work was spotted at the Polomania tournament! (Photo by Mikey Dwitt)
Mike Schriver's personalized wheel cover featuring his beautiful shot of a hummingbird

If you have spotted my wheel covers in other tournaments, make sure to snap a pic! Always fun to see my covers in action!

Remember kids, a little more than a week left to get your orders in for NAs! Rep your team right!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Less than a Month

Get your wheel covers now!!
Less than a month away until the North American Championships which will be held in Calgary!
This means, you have less than a month to order you and your teams wheel covers! Although they aren't mandatory, don't you want to shine and really show off your colors and spirit in the millions of photos that will be taken during that weekend?

Special for people attending NAs, wheel covers are only $20 each and if you get 4 or more, then they go down to $15! Confirm that you are registered and attending. Also shipping will go down to $5 if they are going to be sent to Canada, $10-15 if you want these ahead of time.

I will be taking orders until July 20th to make sure I have everything printed and then shipped. Due to Canada's postal strike, I have to send these out to Seattle or to someone willing to lug these across the border for me.

So email me quick, even if you just have a few questions. Hope to hear from you soon!



Hey all!
It's been a crazy few weeks, scrambling to get things ready for the Polomania tournament in Sacramento. The covers are on their way! But, I am not... I really do like going to tournaments that I sponsor, but shit happens and I will have to see the weekend through digital photos yet again.
The batch of covers I sent up (over 20 of them) were all directly printed! Due to my haste to get them packed up last minute and hoping to the powers that be that it will get there in time, I didn't get a chance to photograph any of them! So, unlike the PDX qualifier, I hope I get some photos to share with you all.

I do have one photo though, and it is from a recent order I did for a USC based University apartment building. They ordered 32 covers to fit on 8 beach cruisers to help advertise that they are now leasing. These look great! With this order, I had to find a drill and pair up each wheel to make clean even zip tie holes. I didn't want them to do any extra work, just slap 'em on and ride. Looks like everything worked out!

Gateway University promotional wheel covers

So if you have a business that you want to advertise, this is a great unique way to do so! Thanks again to Gateway University Apartments for choosing me to be involved in their project!

Oh! I finally was able to set up a Google Checkout Merchant account to make things way easier. Like I had said before, Paypal is the devil and messed quite a few things up. Since Google will be taking over the world soon, I figure, might as well sign up to get that out of the way.

 I hope to be a little bit more current  with my posts and photos, so please stay tooned and see the awesome covers to made up special for the Polomania Tournament!