Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Austin With Love

I just finished cutting out 40 wheel covers by hand. Boxed up about 20 of those to be shipped to Austin. 10 of those will be part of the Ladies Army sponsor package. 300 (200 for LA) decals are chopped and ready. I have another set of decals I am currently working on. I can finally breathe a little. Now all I have to worry about is my game skillz.

The decals look great, and are easy to do. So if you have a tournament, and want a set of 100 stickers, full color, contour cut, sweet laminate, and your custom design, I can do them for $50
If you remember from the EHBPCs, they had (1) (2) (3) stickers made for the player's helmets. So keep that in mind when you are planning your next tournament!

Alright, time for me to collapse. Headin' up to San Francisco tomorrow for a last minute mini tournament!


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