Monday, March 7, 2011

1,000 Thank Yous

1,000 thank yous and almost 1,000 page views. sure about 100 of them are from my checking in and working on my blog, but either way, you wonderful people actually kind of want to hear what I have to say and share :)
Even though there are a growing number of polo blogs out there, I try to make mine a little different. While others are posting about tournament stats, or new bad ass polo bikes (you know, important polo stuff) I like to focus on the more creative side of the poloverse. Not just wheel covers, but the artsy side of polo. So if you would like to share your art work, on or off of the wheel cover, please, send me a link.

And now a quick update on the Rawbie Boardz contest:
We have been getting in a few entries! And so far they look great! I know this contest is going to be pretty tough to judge! And remember kids, the video can be of anything involving wheel covers, or why you desperately need a set. Or, how much you love Rawbie. Deadline is March 17th! (that's easy to remember, although you might be too drunk to remember.) Either way, get on those videos and send them in!

The Ladies Army is going to coming up very soon! May 7th - 8th.
Tina Medley made this awesome poster for the tournament. I will be making my usual Winner's Circle covers along with little full color decals to be handed out. This time I will be doing something a little different. Whenever I make the Winner's circle covers, those are 100% donated. And there are a very small limited amount of covers available. This time, I will have these tournament covers available for sale, BUT the proceeds go directly to the Austin Polo Club. If you would like to order a special limited edition run of the 3rd Annual Ladies Army Tournament cover, email me so I can get the print order in. Covers go for $20.
Ladies Army 3 on LoBP

See you in Texas!

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