Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Time

Well, there were a few practice runs before for my own bike, but this was the first cover for someone.
It was a surprise for Joker. I happened to carry a green that matched his bike perfectly! I already had the Bicycle Deck "Joker" vectorized, so a few little tweeks here or there completely personalized it. I changed the US on his chest to the Dodger's LA and the 808 on the rock (which actually means the size of the deck of cards) to 818.

Joker never really played with wheel covers before, but once I gave him these, it was either going on his wall, or on his bike. I'm really happy with his decision.

If you are the type of player that really digs a good bike check, check out
Mikey Wally's blog
Mikey's a great photographer too that loves the bike world and has snapped a few of us L.A. cats rollin on the courts.


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  1. Hey that is a great job! I was wondering how you where able to apply the colors to the coroplast? Send me an email if you wouldn't mind (