Monday, March 28, 2011

Rawbie To Go!

Submitted the Rawbie Boardz Show wheel covers to print last week Monday, then picked them up on Friday.
Today, I cut them up and then this evening they will be on their merry way to East Van and into Rawbie's garage, where he will do who knows what to them. :D

Until the official unveiling of the covers (Ken threw in a quick screen cap of the unfinished design, in last weeks episode) here are a few little teasers of the official Rawbie Boardz Show covers.

I do apologize for the horrible cell phone photo quality. If you look closely you can see the direct digital print method used in making these wheel covers. The ink doesn't wipe off, I know this because I licked it. If you are worried about that happening or want to prevent any fine scratches, hitting it with a matte spray will help provide a little more protection. Stay tooned for the next Rawbie episode where the winner of the Totally Awesome Wheel Cover Video is announced!


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