Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Shit You Say?

The Los Angeles Bike Polo club has entered in a contest presented by Farmer John. We have a chance, with enough votes, to be posted up on billboards along with the other unique local sports throughout Los Angeles. If we hit 300 votes, then we will be entered in a grand prize drawing to win some other pretty nifty schwag.

Okay, okay, you want to hear about the free shit. I understand.
If you click this link right here and then "like" you can then vote for us! If you screen cap your vote, and email it to along with your mailing address, I will send you a handful of my very own "Give Blood Play Polo" stickers. It ain't much, but hey, clicking a few times ain't much either.

Do you really wanna help support bike polo? Do you love us enough to vote a second time? Well you can! You can text TEAM79 to 80800

We are a little more than 30 votes away from getting the billboard. That's all I really care to get, I figure, our image staring at people on the 405 freeway while they are trapped in traffic, is the best way to really promote our oh so awesome sport. So get to it kids, and remember to share the link on your fb wall.

Here is another great idea from the mind of Jinxy... if you can refer 20 votes, and have your friends send me a screen cap with your name on it, you will get a free wheel cover with the design of your choice. Sound like a good challenge? Let's see it happen!

Thanks again so much to those who have voted, and to those who are going to!


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