Thursday, February 17, 2011

For the Love of Polo

(photo by Justin Wilhelm)

 South Park wasn't lying to us when in every episode there was lots of snow on the ground and wool caps on every one's head in Denver, Colorado.
I start bitching when I can't feel my toes or my ears get too cold in the freezing 50° wet and rainy Los Angeles weather. Anyone who shovels snow for an hour for polo is definitely one tough bastard, especially when they play in a short sleeve shirt. Whether it be passion or plain madness, the Denver Mallet Mafia has what it takes.

(photo by Justin Wilhelm)

I had the pleasure of meeting Maxx, Scooter, Duncan and all the other Mafioso's at the Arizona Desert Invite last month. Maxx had ordered a few sets of covers for his club and I was able to make the drop in AZ (saving them a few bucks in shipping) The DMM design is perfect for a wheel cover. Easy to read, sharp and of course round. For this set I made them with cut vinyl. The same kind of sticker you see on the back of people's cars, like Calvin pissing on Ford or those God awful family stickers. (Trust me, those family stickers are the Devil, I used to work at the mall and make those.) Anyway, this is the same thing, except bigger and way cooler. Single colors look just as nice as a full color print.
When Duncan asked me if I could do the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings, I was excited to show off the full color print capabilities. Using a high gloss vinyl with laminate, this cover really gets your attention. That and it looks like a flaming vagina.

(photo by Justin Wilhelm

To the Denver Mallet Mafia, it truly was a pleasure meeting you guys and playing with and against you in Arizona. Maxx, you are an inspiration and one cool cat. Hope I get to make a few more wheel covers for ya'll!

And about the photos you saw in todays entry:
Justin Wilhelm, a photographer from Denver, took some awesome shots of DMM while they pushed the ball and some snow around.
You can see Justin's "In the Dark Photography" Facebook gallery here

 Stay warm out there!

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  1. T-shirt Scooter IS a badass. You can see I have my shoveling boots on in the top photo... but Scooter played for hours with absolutely freezing and soaked shoes... and still showed us what Lefty magic is all about. Gotta be the wheel covers. Oh, and Jinx- that's the new Scrambler I'm riding :)

    Believe you me people, Jinxy is a pro! Whole process was easier than an overhand double BB pass. Do it!!