Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Wonderful World of Mr. Do

Thank you so much to 321-Polo! for linking the rest of  you cats to my door step.
Sean had featured one of my favorite covers I have done recently. If you only have a pinky toe in the world of bike polo, you have probably seen a video or two by an incredible guy by the name of Mr. Do from Minneapolis.

Here is my favorite example of the game through the eyes of Mr. Do

North American Hardcourt Polo from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

 I recommend checking out the rest of his videos. From bloopers to full game videos, all are beautiful to look at.

Now here is a little bit about Mr. Do's wheel covers.(Which by the way, I was totally honored that he asked me to do his! I mean, everyone knows Mr. Do. He's the man!)
Anyways, originally he had a small jpg of an image with this logo of the Mr. Do clown, but there was no way I could blow that up and make a decent printed wheel cover. So, with the magical powers of illustrator (points and anchors ftw) I was able to bring that 78 x 78 pixel .jpg back to life, with brighter colors and of course, a tall boy of Surly Furious in his hand. I then had it directly printed on sticker vinyl, then placed it on the corroplast. All of my covers are hand cut, so it really helps to design inside the circle with plenty of guides to cut by. I have tried cutting the coroplast first and then placing the decal on it after, but if you are off just a little, then you get a lop sided wheel. So its better to lay it on the square blank first then cut.
Enough typing, here are the covers

(Photo by Dane Haman)

If you have spotted any of my covers at tournaments or on your home court, feel free to send me an action shot! I love seeing my covers in their natural habitat.


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