Friday, February 18, 2011

The Germans Do it Better

From Leica cameras to Mercedes Benz, the Germans always had a knack of deconstructing something and making it better, and sexier.

My 3 semesters of German in college, is useless to me now, and I don't quite understand most of the text in the video.
Some of the covers look like corroplast, but the "impact testing" makes it seem like they are building either polycarbonate or CARBON FIBER! wheel covers.

You can watch here in the video on how they are made and tested

I still have no idea what these cost, or even how they are installed, but if you can read/speak Deutsch check out their site here
Subtil-Bikes Wheel Covers

Gute Arbeit und gutes Glück!
Remember, if your budget can't cover a Benz wheel cover, drop me a line.

Sean over at 321-Polo! spotted my entry and decided to do a little more investigating on this particular product. This is what he found out:

About the Wheelcovers, right now we only offer one size version. The
covers have a size of 650mm, a hight of 30mm, this gives them an angle
of about 5,25°. So they mostly fit to every front wheel. You can cut
them by your-self to the right size, to fit to the wheel.
About the mounting, there are different versions:
Some people use cable straps, some use hook-and-loop tape, or some
special modified front hub.
We can offer our own special mounting system, where you can mount them
directly to the spokes.
And normally to install our own mounting system we need the wheel, cut
the cover for you, and mount it.

There are different versions.
Basic version is made of glass fiber and cost about 89€ the pair without
The color version costs about 139€
Carbon version about 169€

Thanks again Sean for checkin into this further. So if you guys got the cash and want the sexiest cover on the block, check out Subtil-Bikes!


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  2. Thanks Jens! Keep up the great work!

  3. naja wers braucht und nich weiß wohin mit seim geld...

    ich bau wie die meisten wheelcovers schon immer for fucking free!